Maria Cirac



I am María, a journalist specialized in Digital Marketing with 15 years of experience collaborating with agencies, brands, press offices, and media outlets.

Over the past 9 years, I have developed my career as a freelancer, which has given me the opportunity to work with teams from different countries and sectors, and discover my full potential working remotely.

Among my main strengths, I would highlight my commitment to quality work (I enjoy doing things well) and punctuality in all my deliveries: I always meet and have met the deadlines set for each project.

Outside the professional sphere, what I enjoy most is History (especially that of Ancient Rome) and photography (I spend the day taking photos of every little detail that makes me happy or allows me to convey something). Additionally, I am crazy about cats - and animals in general - I love specialty tea and coffee, and in my free time, I enjoy traveling, reading, and working on decoration or craft projects.

I am always open to exciting collaborations that allow me to continue learning and contribute value with my experience.

Shall we work together?


Below, I outline my freelance services in which I have the most experience. If you have any questions about any of them, please write to me, and let's discuss how we can work together.
Creative writing

Creative writing

I craft original and creative content: from immersive narratives to pieces that evoke emotions, my aim is to create content that not only communicates but also inspires and deeply connects with your audience.

Copywriting SEO

I specialize in crafting persuasive content optimized for search engines (SEO), with the aim of enhancing your website's visibility and increasing organic traffic. My goal is to create texts that not only capture the attention of your audience but also place them prominently in search engine results, ensuring greater exposure and growth opportunities for your business.

Content Marketing

I design strategies and produce meaningful and relevant content that not only captures your audience's attention but also informs and engages them. This approach helps establish strong connections with your audience, fostering trust and loyalty towards your brand.
Content editing

Transcreation and Content Localization

I adapt your content with a creative approach to fit like a glove into specific markets and contexts. This process goes beyond mere translation, as it involves a deep understanding of the linguistic, cultural, and contextual nuances of each target audience. Every word, every phrase is carefully adjusted to reflect the essence of your original message authentically and relevantly in the new context. From tone to social or cultural references, I ensure that your content resonates meaningfully with the local audience.
Online stores

Online Stores

As a content specialist, I focus on creating optimized materials specifically tailored for online stores. This comprehensive service covers the writing of all necessary content for your platform, from the texts that breathe life into sections like "About Us," "Our Story," or "Our Values," to product descriptions that highlight their features and benefits in an attractive and persuasive manner. Every word is carefully selected to reflect the essence of the brand and attract potential customers, turning the shopping experience into an exciting journey for the customer. With my assistance, your online store will shine with captivating and effective content, helping to drive the success of your business.

AI Specialist and Prompter

I edit and optimize AI-generated content to ensure it sounds natural and engaging, with a tone and style consistent with the original intent and audience expectations. Each text undergoes a rigorous editing and enhancement process, leveraging my expertise in content creation and AI alongside my ability to understand audience needs and expectations. The result is final content that not only meets the highest quality standards but also authentically connects with the target audience, achieving significant market impact.
Online stores

Social Media Manager

I manage your social media channels to convey the brand image you want to project. This involves creating and publishing engaging and relevant content for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. My professional approach focuses on understanding your audience and their interests, as well as leveraging the latest trends and best practices in the world of social media. In addition to content creation, I handle scheduling posts, engaging with followers, responding to comments and messages, and monitoring campaign performance. My goal is to increase your brand visibility and generate engagement with your audience.
Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications

I offer comprehensive press office services, including drafting press releases, invitations, and communications, as well as press clipping and media management to enhance the visibility and reputation of your brand.

Creation of Creative, Informative, and Advertising Material

I transform your ideas into compelling and persuasive content that resonates with your audience, crafting everything from inspiring slogans to brochures, e-books, or advertising campaigns that highlight the uniqueness of your brand.


Check my portfolio. I work as a freelance journalist specialist in digital media, copywriter and social media for companies all over the world to improve their brands, writing creative content and creating marketing strategies.
Samsung Bixby
Content for voice assistants
Development of the Spanish version of Bixby, Samsung's virtual assistant. Bixby stands at the forefront of innovation as Samsung's virtual assistant, reshaping the way humans engage with technology, offering seamless integration and personalized experiences across devices.
  • AI Creativity: Developed skills in generating creative content using artificial intelligence, exploring new forms of expression and communication.
  • Localization and Cultural Adaptation: Gained experience in adapting content to different cultural and linguistic contexts, ensuring an authentic and relevant experience for Spanish-speaking users.
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Worked closely with multidisciplinary teams, integrating knowledge from design, technology, and linguistics.
  • Innovation and Experimentation: Participated in the exploration and application of new technologies and methodologies, fostering continuous innovation within the Samsung Bixby project.
SEO copywriting
Samsung Bixby
Localization specialist
Editing and Localization Work for Enhanced Understanding of International Brands in the Spanish Market.
  • Localization and Cultural Adaptation: I ensure that content originating from other markets is tailored to the peculiarities of the Spanish market, taking into account our cultural, social, and linguistic context.
  • Market Trends Research: I closely study changes in consumer behavior, audience preferences, emerging industry trends, and strategies adopted by competitors. With this information, I can identify opportunities to create content that resonates with the audience and stays ahead in an ever-evolving business environment.
  • Style Guide Writing: Having a style guide is crucial to ensure coherence and consistency in the written communication of a brand, company, or project. I have been responsible for developing style guides for numerous Translated clients, dedicating time and effort to defining and establishing the fundamental principles that guide their communication across different mediums and contexts. Creating a style guide involves careful consideration of aspects such as content coherence, clarity, relevance, as well as appropriate tone and writing style for the target audience. I have worked on developing specific guidelines that ensure the uniformity and quality of produced material, both in terms of grammar and style, as well as visual and presentation aspects. Additionally, I have closely collaborated with multidisciplinary teams to ensure that the style guide reflects the identity and values of the brand or publication for which it is created. This entails effective communication and a deep understanding of the needs and expectations of all involved parties.
MSC cruises
MSC cruises project
SEO copywriting
I have written and edited content for MSC Cruises' newsletters, employing a suggestive and evocative language specifically crafted to capture the attention of recipients and pique their interest in the exclusive destinations and services offered by MSC Cruises.
SEO copywriting
SEO content writing about restaurants and options for people with celiac disease at the Sangulí Salou and Cambrils Park holiday resorts.
  • Keyword analysis: Incorporate relevant keywords related to restaurants, gluten-free food, Cambrils Park, and Sangulí in the content to enhance its visibility on search engines. This could include phrases such as "gluten-free restaurants in Cambrils Park," "options for celiacs at Sangulí," etc.
  • SEO writing: When writing, I focused on providing useful and relevant information about gluten-free gastronomic options at these holiday resorts while optimizing the text to improve the client's website visibility on search engines. I strategically and naturally included keywords and phrases related to gluten-free food, the holiday dining experience, and visitors' special dietary needs to attract qualified traffic and ensure greater online visibility for Sangulí Salou.
Restaurants for celiacs in Cambrils Park and Sangulí
MDM Interiorismo
MDM Interiorismo Logo
SEO copywriting
The task involves planning and creating SEO-optimized content related to the realm of decoration and interior design.
  • Content Strategy: I devised and executed a comprehensive content strategy for the blog. This encompassed identifying content objectives, defining the target audience, researching relevant topics, establishing an editorial calendar, and determining success metrics. A robust content strategy provides clear guidance for creating and disseminating quality content that engages the audience and contributes to achieving business goals.
  • Development and Publication of SEO-optimized Articles: Over nearly five years, I crafted articles for the blog optimized for search engines (SEO copywriting). This involved researching relevant keywords, strategically incorporating these keywords into the text, structuring the content appropriately to enhance readability, and optimizing meta-tags such as titles and descriptions. The aim is to increase the visibility of the content in search results and attract quality organic traffic to the blog.
  • Marketing and Communication Consultancy: I provided strategic guidance and creative solutions to optimize the client's digital presence and communication strategy, with the objective of enhancing brand visibility and driving sales.
  • SEO Copywriting for E-commerce: I created content for the client's online store, highlighting the distinctive features of the products. Simultaneously, I optimized descriptions to improve search engine rankings and boost sales conversions.
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Elektra Madrid Logo
SEO copywriting
The task involves planning and creating SEO-optimized content related to the realm of decoration and interior design.
  • Blog Design and Management: I led the design and management of the 'El Café de Elektra' blog (, working closely with web designers to deliver customized solutions precisely tailored to the client's requirements.
  • Content Strategy: I executed a detailed plan and strategic implementation of all blog posts. Keeping in mind the objective of promoting the brand, increasing online visibility for the restaurant, and attracting an audience interested in healthy eating and conscious living. Initially, we defined specific blog objectives, including increasing traffic to the restaurant's website, enhancing the brand's reputation as a leader in healthy eating, and fostering community engagement online. I then conducted thorough market and target audience research to understand the needs, interests, and preferences of potential readers. With this information, I developed an editorial plan covering relevant topics for the audience, such as healthy recipes, superfoods, nutrition tips, interviews with industry personalities, news about healthy eating-related events, and other related subjects. I established a publishing schedule to ensure a steady delivery of fresh and relevant content, and implemented SEO techniques in each post to improve visibility in search results and attract organic traffic. This involved researching relevant keywords, optimizing meta-tags, and creating high-quality content that addressed users' questions and needs.
  • SEO Writing: I wrote and published all blog posts, striving to produce articles that were both informative and engaging for our readers while also helping to position the page in search engines.
Elektra Madrid Logo
Content Creation + Social Media Management
Development of creative content for the social media channels of Elektra Madrid restaurant, management of social media profiles, advertising photography, and monitoring of the brand's online presence.
  • Social Media Content Creation: Writing and publishing between 2 and 3 posts daily on the restaurant's Facebook and Instagram profiles, ensuring a unified brand story and captivating user experience on each platform.
  • Advertising and Food Photography: Photographing and editing advertising and food images, both of the restaurant's facilities and its dishes. This involved creating visually appealing images to accompany my texts in social media posts and on the restaurant's blog. From exquisite dishes to captivating details of the restaurant's ambiance, my goal was to capture the essence and appeal of the culinary experience at Elektra Madrid. Using advertising photography techniques and Photoshop editing, I aimed to ensure that each photograph conveyed the quality and authenticity that the Elektra Madrid brand represented, contributing to creating a visually attractive and coherent link between our online presence and the actual experience we offered at the restaurant.
  • Event Coverage: During my time working with Elektra, I participated in covering relevant events for the brand. This involved advance logistics planning, coordination with internal and external teams, photographic coverage, and close interaction with attendees. Additionally, I made efforts to capture highlights through videos and live streams on Instagram and Facebook, creating visual and written content that reflected the essence and impact of each event.
Ledbox Logo
SEO copywriting
Content Proposal, Development, and Publication of SEO-optimized Blog Entries for LedBox
  • Keyword Research: I conducted thorough keyword research related to the LED lighting industry, focusing on terms relevant to LedBox's business and user search needs.
  • Development of Relevant Topics: I created a list of topics relevant to LedBox's target audience, including lighting tips for home and office, LED product comparisons, installation guides, lighting design trends, and energy-saving tips.
  • SEO Writing: I crafted informative and engaging posts based on the identified topics, optimizing them with strategic keywords to improve visibility on search engines and generate quality organic traffic.
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Ledbox Logo
SEO copywriting
Content Proposal, Development, and Publication of SEO-Written Blog Entries for Tecnyvan ( Keyword Research: I conducted a detailed investigation of key terms associated with the pool covers industry, focusing on terms relevant to Tecnyvan's business and the search needs of users interested in such products.
  • Keyword Research: I conducted a detailed investigation of key terms associated with the pool covers industry, focusing on terms relevant to Tecnyvan's business and the search needs of users interested in such products.
  • Development of Relevant Topics: I compiled a list of relevant topics for Tecnyvan's target audience, including pool cover maintenance tips, material and design comparisons, pool area design trends, and tips for maximizing pool use throughout the year.
  • SEO Writing: I wrote and published articles that combined relevant and engaging information related to the products and services offered by Tecnyvan. These posts were carefully optimized with strategic keywords, aiming to increase their visibility in search engines and attract quality organic traffic to Tecnyvan's website.
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Ledbox Logo
Social Media Management + Event Coverage
  • Social Media Management + Event Coverage I handled the creative content development for the social media platforms of Wowisu, Mujeres sin Sorpresas, a space dedicated to organizing activities and events for women in the city of Madrid, offering opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  • Creation of Social Media Content: I wrote and published posts on Wowisu's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles, reflecting the brand's philosophy and promoting its events and activities.
  • Event Coverage: I was responsible for the photographic coverage of events organized by Wowisu, capturing the details and the most special moments experienced in each one. This involved creating and editing visually appealing images that complemented our messages on Wowisu's social media platforms. Additionally, I utilized videos and live streams on platforms like Facebook and Twitter to provide an immersive visual experience, creating content that authentically and memorably reflected the essence and impact of each occasion.
Evento Woman: Mujer como marca personal | WOWISU
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Rocacho logo
Social media management
Creation and management of Rocacho's social media networks since its inauguration. Development of the social media strategy and establishment of objectives to increase brand recognition and interaction.
  • Social Media Strategy Development: From the outset, I established clear and measurable objectives to increase brand awareness and foster interaction with the audience. This included defining key metrics such as follower growth, engagement rate, and post reach, as well as creating a strategic plan to achieve these goals.
  • Content Creation for Social Media: My responsibility was to create captivating and persuasive content for Rocacho's social media profiles. This involved drafting posts, responding to customer comments, and describing dishes for Facebook, Instagram, and TripAdvisor, adapting the brand's tone and style to each platform to maximize engagement with the target audience.
  • Advertising and Food Photography: As part of my role, I was also responsible for taking advertising photographs of dishes and the restaurant's ambiance for use on social media and the website. This involved planning and executing photoshoots, as well as editing the images to ensure they met Rocacho's brand quality standards and effectively conveyed the restaurant's unique atmosphere to potential customers.
Mei Madrid
Mei Madrid Logo
Content Creation + Social Media Management + Digital Advertising
  • My work focused on enhancing the online presence and brand image of Mei Madrid, a prestigious aesthetic medicine clinic in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), through a content strategy on its blog and social media, as well as strategic advertising campaigns.
  • Keyword Research: I conducted a thorough analysis of the most relevant keywords in the aesthetic medicine sector, focusing on terms aligned with the services and specialties offered by Mei Madrid, as well as the most frequent queries of users interested in aesthetic treatments and cosmetic procedures.
  • Content Strategy: I developed a comprehensive list of topics addressing the concerns and needs of Mei Madrid's target audience. These topics included information on popular beauty treatments, the latest trends in aesthetic medicine, skincare, facial rejuvenation, body treatments... Additionally, I considered topics related to health and wellness advice, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle to offer a holistic approach that complemented the clinic's services.
  • SEO Writing: Based on keyword research and identified topics, I wrote blog posts for Mei Madrid that were informative, persuasive, and engaging for the target audience. I optimized them with strategic keywords to improve their visibility in search engines and attract quality organic traffic to the clinic's website.
  • Content Creation for Social Media: This task involved creating visually appealing and creative visual and written content for Mei Madrid's social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. I developed posts including persuasive images and texts, promoting the clinic's services, sharing beauty tips, showcasing treatment results, and promoting events or special promotions. The goal is to generate interest, engagement, and participation among Mei Madrid's social media followers.
  • Advertising Photography and Editing of Published Content: With my photographic team, I conducted several photoshoots to capture high-quality images of treatments, facilities, and clinic staff to be used in the content published on the blog and social media. I was responsible for professionally editing them to ensure they met the brand's standards and conveyed the quality and professionalism of Mei Madrid.
Backside Logo
Content Creation + Social Media Management
  • Content Strategy and SEO Writing: I developed a content strategy for Backside Moda's blog, focusing on current topics within the realm of street style and urban fashion. I wrote and published posts about fashion trends, outfit proposals, product reviews, and other topics of interest to the community. The goal was to provide valuable and engaging content that kept the audience engaged and promoted Backside Moda as an authority in the world of street style.
  • Content Creation for Social Media: I created original visual and written content for Backside Moda's social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These posts included product images, fashion stylings, street style inspiration, and persuasive messages that sparked interest in the products and reinforced the brand image. The objective was to increase Backside Moda's visibility on social media and encourage interaction with the audience.
  • Advertising Photography and Editing of Published Content: I was responsible for capturing and editing advertising photographs of Backside Moda's products for use in the content published on the blog and social media. I conducted photoshoots with models and product photoshoots in stores to showcase the products and edited the images to ensure they met the brand's quality standards and conveyed Backside Moda's unique style.
  • Monitoring of Online Presence and Customer Service on Social Media: I actively monitored Backside Moda's online presence on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I responded promptly to comments, questions, and messages from followers, providing information, resolving issues, and encouraging engagement. The goal was to maintain open and positive communication with the online community and strengthen the relationship with customers and followers.
Kreditech Logo
SEO Writing
SEO Writing I was responsible for writing and publishing SEO-optimized content for the blogs of microcredit brands Zaimo and Kredito24. These posts ranged from 500 to 1000 words and covered various topics related to personal finance and saving. From tips for saving money in daily life to guides on managing the family budget, each blog entry was designed to provide valuable and practical information to readers, while also being optimized with strategic keywords to improve visibility in search engines. The goal was not only to educate users about relevant financial topics but also to attract high-quality organic traffic to the Zaimo and Kredito24 websites, thereby increasing their online presence and authority in the microcredit sector.
Alumni Logo
Content Creator + Social Media Manager
  • Content Strategy: I designed a digital content strategy aligned with the objectives and goals discussed in my meetings with the Alumni-University of Salamanca team. This involved delving into the analysis of the entity's established goals and then outlining a detailed plan to achieve them through digital content.
  • Content Writing: One of my key responsibilities was to create written content that was not only clear and coherent but also engaging and persuasive for our visitors. Every word and phrase I wrote for the website and blog was carefully selected to effectively convey our message and maintain audience interest.
  • Social Media Strategy and Management: As the person in charge of social media, one of my main tasks was to create and manage detailed editorial calendars for our profiles. This involved planning social media posts and activities in advance, ensuring comprehensive and consistent coverage over time.
  • Newsletter Development and Distribution: Another key responsibility was the creation and distribution of periodic newsletters. This involved designing interesting and relevant content for the newsletters, carefully selecting topics and news to include, and ensuring that the format and design were attractive and easy to read. Additionally, I was responsible for managing the subscriber database and ensuring that newsletters were sent out in a timely and correct manner.
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Vagaluz Logo
Content Creator + Social Media Manager
  • Content Strategies: I developed a digital content strategy for the children's fashion store Vagaluz, aligned with its business objectives and goals. I carefully analyzed the goals set by the company and then devised a detailed plan to achieve them through strategic and effective digital content.
  • Content Writing: One of the main responsibilities I took on was creating written content for Vagaluz, ensuring it was clear, coherent, and, above all, engaging and persuasive for our visitors.
El dia de Zamora
El dia de Zamora Logo
Writer and Photographer
For 2 years, I worked as a writer and photographer at the local newspaper El Día de Zamora. My duties included:
  • Writing articles, advertorials, and interviews for the print edition of the newspaper.
  • Taking and editing photographs to illustrate the content I wrote about.
  • Continuously updating the news published on the newspaper's website.
  • Additionally, I was responsible for the weekly opinion column 'Filosofías Propias,' where I addressed current topics and personal reflections.